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Civil Society Says NO to ‘Climate-Smart Agriculture’

…and urges decision-makers to support agroecology. The food movement and agriculture community generally loves CSAs, the much talked about Community Supported Agriculture model. But earlier this month, Civil Society Organizations released a joint statement outlining their concerns with a different type of CSA, … Read more »
  • The solanum pimpinellifolium measured in millimeters. (Scott Peacock, C.M. Rick Tomato Genetics Resource Center; image cropped)

    Why Is Tomato Sylvestre, a Wild, Pea-Size Tomato is So Important?

Why Is Tomato Sylvestre, a Wild, Pea-Size Tomato is So Important?

As we face more and more frequent and extreme weather patterns, tapping back into the rich genetic resources of its crop wild relatives will be crucial. It will be a matter of survival.

Just Adopted: Arusha Protocol of New Varieties of Plants

As the Arusha Protocol for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants was just adopted, many fear significant impact on African farmers.